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Ella Beauty Products - Authentic Chebe Powder

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Authentic Chebe Powder is a leave-in oil control and volumizing powder for darker hair. The carefully selected combination of -Chébé seeds (Croton zambesicus/Croton du Zambèze), Mahllaba soubiane seeds, Missic resin to scent, Cloves, Samour resin, Scented oil and Vegetable oil to bring vitality and bounce back to flat, tired hair. Keep your hair bouncy, beautiful and vibrant with Authentic Chebe Powder

Chébé is the haircare secrets of an African ethnic group in Chad known to have very long naturally coarse hair that famously goes passed their rear ends. They cover their hair in a homemade mixture that keeps their hair super moisturized and lubricated which is the reason given for why they say their hair never breaks; even from childhood.

Features & Benefits:

  • Oil control, volumising
  • Colour matched for darker, brown hair
  • Covers grey roots in a pinch
  • Effectively absorbs excess oil
  • Adds volume to flat, oily hair
  • Non-aerosol dry shampoo


- Chébé seeds (Croton zambesicus/Croton du Zambèze)
- "Mahllaba soubiane" seeds
- "Missic" resin to scent
- Cloves
- "Samour" resin
- Scented oil
- Vegetable oil

Take 100 g of your favorite cream, mix with 100 g of oil of your choice and add a teaspoon of mixed chébé powder.

The first step is to get the hair wet using regular water and alternate between the hair grease mix that you just made and the chébé powder mix until the hair is fully saturated. They then re-braid the hair and once that braid is done wet it again with water. They repeat that routine every 3 to 5 days.

Some people may initially think that their hair length is due to genetics, after inquiring on the subject the women said that it was most definitely NOT due to genetics since they do not apply chébé powder mixture to their bangs which, in turn, stay short. However the parts of the hair which they do use the powder mixture on in their routine doesn't break and grows very long and strong



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